About Tasneem

Self Portrait- Collage

Hello world.

I’m Tasneem Amiruddin and this is how I look like. Just kidding…I look a tad bit more human than this. But yeah, you get the point.

I am an illustrator and a graphic designer.

My keen interest lies in drawing and making fun and happy pictures with bright colours for my audience. As much as I love digital mediums to make my pictures, I also love experimenting with real paints, colours and sticks.

Hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget to leave your feedback : )


5 thoughts on “About Tasneem

  1. Tasneem, wow! I just had a look at your art and it’s exactly the kind of art I love. For a while, I thought being an Illustrator and graphic designer was exactly what I wanted..I began going down that road and saw that it wasn’t. I still like doing it on the side though and your style is one I’d like to adopt. 🙂 Keep it coming, you’ve got a fan!

  2. Hi, I am from Ogilvy Mumbai. I really like some of your illustrations. Could you please share your contact details?

  3. Hi Tasneem. Loved your work. I’m looking for a children’s illustrator and graphic designer. If you get this can you please email me. thank you.

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